Conventional - biological
SoNoDé sarl produces dried chicory mainly from conventional culture. But it also produces a smaller quantity from biological culture. Each year, special contracts with bio certified farmers, as well as an audit of the bio production process at SoNoDé sarl result in a limited quantity of guaranteed 100% biological dried chicory.

Human consumption
Our dried chicory finds its way to customers all over Europe and even overseas, for roasting, possibly atomising and preparing for consumption, either in its pure form (for instance as additive in coffee or to be drank as infusion), either as ingredient in new drinks (for exemple mixed with roasted wheat, with barley, or with figs, ....), or either as aroma or nutritional element in sauces, icecream, bread, ...

Animal consumption
The presence of inuline and prebiotics in the chicory root is irrefutable. SoNoDé sarl′s finished product (dried chicory) manages to preserve these elements optimally, and that′s why it is incorporated more and more often into petfood and animal feed, with new applications emerging at increasing speed ...

The dried chicory produced by SoNoDé sarl is a pure product of the highest and not to be confounded with chicory pulp which is what′s left after all nutritional elements have been extracted.

The dried chicory of SoNoDé sarl is made from freshly harvested chicory roots that have not undergone any prior treatment that could impoverish them. All beneficial elements present in the fresh chicory roots are still 100% present in the dried chicory.